Equal parts warm ringwear-heavy folk rock, heady jazz and improvisational psych rock. All the good shit. Based in Philadelphia.

"Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders is a refreshing take on familiar sounds. There are clear references to the hazy, glazey Crazy Horse days of Neil Young, as well as nods to the stylings of bands like the Meat Puppets and Dinosaur Jr. Alexander’s penchant for heady songwriting is pervasive yet subtle, a welcome shift that creates the kind of space necessary for the instrumentation to take focus and seep deep into the brain." - Mike Mannix, Psych Out! WXNA, Nashville

- current + former members of DWLVS/Dire Wolves, Elkhorn, Bardo Pond, Jackie-O Motherfucker, Kohoutek, Black Forest/Black Sea

- Jeffrey Alexander + The Heavy Lidders appeared on a whole host of BEST-OF-2021 year end lists, including: Aquarium Drunkard, Raven Sings The Blues, John Mulvey/MOJO editor, New Commute, Record Crates United, Petal Motel, and many others

- coming soon in 2023: TWO new Heavy Lidders releases on Arrowhawk !
One features a 36 minute cover of Dark Star and cover art from Brian Chippendale. The other is a full-on Lidders beast, produced by Chris Forsyth, and featuring guest performances from members of Movietone, Psychic Ills, Sunwatchers, and Animal Collective


Track from debut S/T LP - link
Released on Arrowhawk Records, guest artists include Marissa Nadler, Rosali Middleman, Pat Gubler (Garcia Peoples, Wet Tuna), and Ryan Jewell

Track from 2nd LP, Elixor Of Life - link
(Released on Cardinal Fuzz in UK/EU and Centripetal Force in US)

30 minute Heavy Lidders live video and interview on Aquarium Drunkard - link


Jeffrey Alexander interview in Primitive Man Soundz, April 2023 - link

Heavy Lidders feature in the May 2022 issue of Relix Magazine - link

Excellent live review and bootleg recording from Raven Sings The Blues' Deep In The Valley Festival - August 2022, NYC Taper - link

“Psych lifer in a bloozy Americana mode. The whole thing hangs loose like a frayed rope tied to a river tube… essentially, a choogler’s dream.” (Viking’s Choice / NPR Music)

"Relocated from San Francisco to Philadelphia – and hooking up with fellow travellers like Elkhorn, Marissa Nadler and Pat Gubler – hasn’t radically changed Alexander’s MO: mostly, he still favours strung-out guitar jams that evoke Crazy Horse or Dinosaur Jr at their most languid and frazzled. But there’s greater songcraft, economy and relative polish here." (MOJO)

"A longtime citizen of the New Weird America, Jeffrey Alexander has gathered an impressive cast of underground collaborators for his new Heavy Lidders project. More heady than heavy, but that’s no complaint." (Uncut)

"Playing with a ridiculously talented band of guys-you-should-know, including some great special guests, Alexander finds a sweet stoner motherlode.” (Jambase)

“One listen of Jeffrey Alexander and the Heavy Lidders self-titled new joint on Arrowhawk and I am swimming in a sea of psychedelic gold.” (Foxy Digitalis)

“These are languid, spectral grooves, anchored in folk and blues but allowed to spin off into the distance.” (Dusted)

“With the Lidders, Jeffrey’s brought together a potent, joyous, contemplative record that slides high on the list of 2021 highlights.” (Raven Sings The Blues)

“By the time it’s over, you might be wondering why no one bothered to fit your armchair with a seatbelt.” (Essential New Music, Magnet Magazine)


photos by Christopher Bruno, right click for hi-res


Jeffrey Alexander
Alyssa DeHayes, Arrowhawk Records label owner