dire wolves just exactly perfect sisters band


Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) put forth a sound of ecstatic improvisation, each member documenting coordinate points in the higher dimensions of cosmic free-rock. The music lies somewhere near the nebulous intersection of psych, kosmische beat and spiritual jazz. These are exploratory journeys, transportive trance-based experiments in vertical listening, totally collaborative and often forming spontaneous compositions. The focus is more about feeling than any specific approach to playing. Psychic rock for the mind and body: breathe deep and grow towards that light, dig.

Jeffrey Alexander - guitar - jeffreyalexanderlovesyou.com
Sheila Bosco - drums - hauntedtoast.wordpress.com
Georgia Carbone - voice - georgiacarbone.net
Brian Lucas - bass - brianlucas-art.com
Arjun Mendiratta - violin - subnaught.org
Laura Naukkarinen - voice - launau.com
Taralie Peterson - saxophone - spiresthatinthesunsetrise.bandcamp.com
Michael Whittaker - flute - mmaawwmusic.com


"Purely instrumental to the extent that singer Georgia Carbone croons a language of her own invention, guitarist/synthesist Jeffrey Alexander and Dire Wolves continue to explore the 'higher dimensions of cosmic free-rock' on Grow Towards the Light, their fourth official album of extemporaneous ecstasy." - Relix

"Dire Wolves have an intimidatingly vast catalog, but if you're a newcomer looking for a place to start, you'd do well to begin with Grow Towards The Light. It's not only one of the band's strongest sets, it's a top turner for 2019 as well." - Raven Sings The Blues

"There are few bands who offer such trippy experiences as Dire Wolves, and with Grow Towards The Light they imbue it with a natural spiritualism which underlines the music." - Echoes And Dust

"This expansive line-up permits a gentle, drowsing sort of complexity, where warm lines of guitar and bass intersect with edgy slashes of violin and drums percolate polyrhythmically in a warm bath of ambient tone." - Dusted

"...the album has its own kind of magic, drifting along cloudily and touching its wheels down on earth every now and then." - Allmusic

"The underbelly courses with a throbbing wave of groove causing the head to nod almost unconsciously, but atop the metronomic pulse Georgia Carbone's vocals weave a hypnotic spell, moaning incantations, mantras, and meditations in a haze of humid heat. Jeffrey Alexander's guitar threads the needle with slippery perfection while Arjun Mendiratta's violin saws and swings through the track in wind-whipped gusts. Aside from live tracks, which often find the band sinking deep into the psychedelic haze, this is probably one of the best distillations of the band's sound- a heady vortex that's as delightful as it is disorienting." - Raven Sings The Blues

"The band, as a Whole, are bent on breaking free of constraints, where improvisational jamming is a vehicle transporting a larger purpose - a musical representation of the connected nature of everything. Their sound contains elements of jazz, folk, psychedelic, and various forms of "rock" that often transcends traditional song structure, guided by otherworldly instincts." - No Recess (interview)

"...a powerful, mystical journey through time and space." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"...just the beginning of the band's descent into the fray, but it's enough to captivate with repeat listens until you get your hands on the full cosmic journey." - Raven Sings The Blues

"The ritualistic droning incantations of San Fran experimental rock outfit Dire Wolves reappear from the misty hollow with a new concoction of devotional psychedelia. Patient, meditative singing leads hauntingly into a slithering guitar lead that exhumes the band's vast, momentous instrumentation." - New Commute

"...an amazingly meditative album. Superb." - Psych Insight Top 20 of 2018

"...since 2009, the five-piece band's been working in the mold of new-millennium freak folksters, invigorating the form with psychedelic intent and the tenants of jazz improvisation." - Downbeat, Editors Pick December 2018

"The free spirited psych/folk frenzy of Dire Wolves just low key dropped a sizzler at the back end of 2k18, and it’s taken me this long to catch up. Pastoral guitar, synth swirls, and strings build up to an extended jam perfect for your deep winter hibernation. Shootout At The Dildo Factory waves and crests along hypnotic, backwoods psychedelic terrain" - Tiny Mix Tapes

"...all tripping flotillas of riff dissipates and bliss kissed bong induced mosaics swirling softly amid a purring psychedelic palette." - Sunday Experience

"a spacey, cosmic and spiritual set of psychedelic sounds, combining influences from krautrock, spiritual jazz, prog and more avant garde musical realms -- at times sounding like Pharoah Sanders jamming with Ash Ra Tempel." - Treble

"...here we’ve landed in an American neo-psych boogie spiritualist mode with this new beast from Dire Wolves ...It’s a sonic brew that’ll put you out, in the best way possible!” - Nine Chains to the Moon

"...a CIA-grade dose of psychotropic goodness, straight from the gardens of the gods - complete with picked out guitar essence and ghostly voices echoing around a clandestine bonfire." - Houdini Mansions

"Spindly guitar lines weave themselves into ouroboros designs around exploratory fiddle and vocals that push past well-worn searching and enter into some kid of pre-cog field of unwritten communication." - Tome To The Weather Machine

"...this is a journey worth embarking on" - Freer Sounds

"...hypnotizing astral psych that follows the improvisational vibe of jazz" - San Francisco Examiner

"Dire Wolves' sound is a wailing alloy merging a sort of Neu American psych-folk formalism with Finnish-style free-form space and an open process improv pulse that feels utterly original. Small flurries of notes might resemble several models (not least of whom is the '68 Constanten-era Dead)." - Byron Coley

"There are times to explore and times to retreat inside, times to go farther out and to dive deeper inward." - Tiny Mix Tapes

"...ultimately, if there's only one release from this list on which you'll risk a blind purchase, this is the one." - WXNA

"...you ever just stumble across something so perfect that you wonder if the band is that good or the stars just happened to line up perfectly?" - ShepEx

"...joyfulness as a kind of trance, trance as a kind of joy...a loose and perpetually evolving brand of music that is probably most easily classified as psych, but with its trilling woodwinds and droning violins has more in common with the spiritual jazz of Alice Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders than the peaky wig-outs of, like, Iron Butterfly." - Flood

"a psychedelic wonderland filled with plaintive violins, groovy drums, woozy synths, and raucous electric guitar..." - SF Weekly

"...shatters the barriers on what could be called a song, replacing them with conduits, with ripplets of sound" - Clash

"There is no writing." - New Commute (interview)

"...both requires and deserves your full attention." - Americana UK

"shimmers of guitar and slow-burn psychedelia..." - Jambase

"...it’s a blast to hear a band head right off the rails the way Dire Wolves do on their new album." - Self-Titled