just exactly perfect sisters band


"...ultimately, if there’s only one release from this list on which you’ll risk a blind purchase, this is the one." - WXNA

"...you ever just stumble across something so perfect that you wonder if the band is that good or the stars just happened to line up perfectly?" - SHEPEX

"...joyfulness as a kind of trance, trance as a kind of joy..." - FLOOD

"a psychedelic wonderland filled with plaintive violins, groovy drums, woozy synths, and raucous electric guitar..." - SF WEEKLY

"...shatters the barriers on what could be called a song, replacing them with conduits, with ripplets of sound" - CLASH

"There is no writing." - NEW COMMUTE (interview)

"...both requires and deserves your full attention." - AMERICANA UK

"shimmers of guitar and slow-burn psychedelia..." - JAMBASE

"...it’s a blast to hear a band head right off the rails the way Dire Wolves do on their new album." - SELF-TITLED